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Few of us have the kind of disposable income to regularly replace our vehicles; fewer still want to have to do this! So it’s vital you take the right steps to preserve both your vehicle’s health and its value. All of the core services we offer customers in the Windsor area –car servicing, MOTs and car repairs, including accident repairs – help you do just that. But how exactly? Read on to find out, or call 01628 622 736 or 01628624 185 to book in for any of the services listed across our website.

Keeping Your Vehicle in Perfect Health

Regular Car Servicing – Perhaps the most simple and effective thing you can do to keep your vehicle in good nick is invest in regular car servicing: interim every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first, and full annual car servicing every12,000 miles or 12 months. It involves a series of checks to vital components to ensure there aren’t developing issues that could put your vehicle’s health at risk, and consequently, your road safety at risk. It also includes an oil and filter change, which is vital for long-term vehicle health.

Prompt Car Repairs – Should you start experiencing some kind of automotive difficulty, don’t put off investigating it. Oftentimes the situation can can worsen and this lead to a great degree of avoidable expenditure. Instead, visit Newmans of Maidenhead near Windsor for car repairs. As a fully equipped body shop, we don’t just handle mechanical car repairs, but accident repairs too. Our accident repairs team can restore your vehicle to its former glory, getting rid of scratches, scuffs and other such damage, and colour matching the paint job to boot.  

MOT sat the Right Garage – Many motorists, perhaps understandably, see MOTs as just another box to tick off each year to avoid fines and legal hassle. But there’s a vital reason why they’re enshrined as mandatory under the law. They’re one of the few opportunities that you get to ensure there’s nothing spelling trouble under the bonnet; after all, not all mechanical issues have obvious symptoms you’ll immediately be aware of. Oftentimes, immediate on the spot attention from our trained mechanics can be the difference between expensive car repairs down the line, and a smoothly functioning motor.

If you’re a motorist living or working in the Windsor area and require car repairs, car servicing or MOTs attended to, give Newmans of Maidenhead a call on 01628 622 736 or 01628 624 185.

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