Clutch Replacement and Brake Pads in Maidenhead

The braking and transmission systems are two of the hardest-working features on a car, so it stands to reason that individual components eventually wear down. Continuous use of the clutch and brake pedals activates moving parts. It is the clutch plate and the brake pads which tend to wear down sooner. To keep you safe on the road, worn parts require regular replacement. Newmans of Maidenhead is a brake pad and clutch replacement specialist.

Brake pads slow the spinning disc on a car using friction. This converts kinetic energy into thermal energy and the generated heat eventually wears the surface of the pads. The friction also places wear on the discs and it isn’t unusual for the team at our Maidenhead workshop to replace the brake pads and the discs at the same time.

The clutch connects the engine of a car with shafts that turn the wheels. It transfers rotational power to make a vehicle move through a sequence of different gears. Like the braking system, the clutch is under continuous use – particularly when driving in town. Naturally, this causes the clutch plate and the cable to wear down sooner.

Newmans of Maidenhead offers a full brake and clutch replacement service to help keep drivers safe and their cars in good mechanical condition.

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Genuine Manufacturer and OEM Parts

Replacement parts of a low quality wear down sooner and could compromise your safety. It’s important to use components that do their job to a high standard. Newmans of Maidenhead never uses low-end patterned parts. Instead, we source genuine manufacturer parts or OEM equivalents from our own trusted network of local suppliers. We also avoid the use of reconditioned parts and components.

Book in for a clutch replacement or a new set of brake pads with Newmans and you’re always assured of a professional installation using the best parts available to us.

Noises are the most common indicators that you may need new pads so listen out for screeching, squealing, grinding or rubbing noises when slowing or stopping. Vibrations through the steering wheel when slowing or having to push down further on the brake pedal are also indicators of worn brake pads, as is a pungent burning smell.

On modern cars, the dashboard may display a warning light to indicate worn brake pads.

If you suspect wear in your brakes, call in to see us at our premises on Courthouse Road in Maidenhead for a prompt inspection and fast diagnosis.

A worn clutch makes the pedal feel sticky, spongy or loose when pressed, and may cause vibrations. You may hear squeaking and grumbling noises or notice difficulties when trying to change gear. A higher rev with slow acceleration also points to a possible clutch replacement, while some drivers notice a burning smell causes by friction between the plates.

Newmans of Maidenhead can provide a full check of the transmission system and perform a clutch replacement using genuine manufacturer or OEM parts. Because our car repairs cover engine and gearbox rebuilds, we can also refurbish the transmission system on your vehicle.

Call 01628 622736 or 01628 624185 to book in for clutch replacements or new brake pads at our established garage in Maidenhead.

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