Maintenance, Mechanical and Accident Repairs in Maidenhead

At Newmans of Maidenhead, our work revolves around three core services; car repairs, car servicing and accident repairs. There are smaller categories which fall into these individual service ranges, such as clutch replacement, the fitting of new tyres or brake pads, engine rebuilding or the arrangement of MOTs with selected local agents. All services and categories come together to provide our customers with versatile, affordable solutions.

If you would like to book in for scheduled maintenance at our Maidenhead workshop, or if you would like an estimate for car body repairs, there’s also a likelihood you might have one or two questions to ask. We answer some of the most common questions we receive from our local customers here.

How do I choose a suitable car servicing package?

Car servicing typically falls into two different packages; full or interim. We recommend a full service every 12 months or 12,000 miles, and an interim service every 6 months or 6,000 miles. A full car servicing package is the most detailed of the two and includes upwards of 60 checks to cover replacement of the oil, air, fuel and pollen filters, and the spark plugs. Interim car servicing has upwards of 30 checks and includes an oil and filter change.

How do engine diagnostics play a role in car repairs?

Newmans of Maidenhead invests heavily into engine management equipment because it helps us to diagnose mechanical and electrical faults sooner. Diagnostics help us to retrieve and interpret stored fault codes from the ECU. In turn, this assists us in recommending the most suitable car repairs for your vehicle without hours of painstaking troubleshooting. If you drive an older vehicle without an ECU, we can still use traditional mechanical skills to perform car repairs because our team has 95 years of combined trade experience.

Do you have the facilities needed to perform car body repairs?

Our workshop, on Courthouse Road in Maidenhead, has a low-bake oven which we use to refinish cars. We also have the latest body alignment systems in place and this helps us to perform car body repairs to a set manufacturer specification. Newmans also has the trade’s most up-to-date tooling for its technicians and uses the most innovative paint materials. We never compromise on quality in any area of our business and this is particularly true of car body repairs, which need advanced facilities to guarantee the perfect finish.

Can you perform accident repairs for insurance companies?

Newmans of Maidenhead is an approved repairer and works closely with all major UK insurers. We also offer a full management service that takes the stress out of accident repairs for non-fault drivers. Our personnel liaise with assessors from the insurance companies involved in a claim to gain approval for repairs at the earliest opportunity. Because so many of our customers need to remain mobile, we can provide a courtesy car to use while your own vehicle is with us undergoing car body or accident repairs.

Do you charge extra for fitting new tyres?

We include weighting and balancing into your quotation for new tyres so there are never any added costs when Newmans presents you with the final bill. We keep a sizeable stock range of premium and budget tyres at our Maidenhead premises to ensure fast turnaround times but can usually source non-stock items immediately for delivery within the hour. Newmans asks that you carefully consider the choice between premium and budget tyres, and that opting for the cheaper of the two now will mean you’ll need a replacement sooner.

Does your workshop perform MOTs?

At Newmans of Maidenhead, we use selected agents in our local area to perform MOTs on our behalf and even offer a discretionary collection and delivery service to our customers. Prior to MOTs, we can perform a pre-inspection that checks key criteria for the physical side of the test and undertake any repair or rectification work needed to ensure a first-time pass. Should you require us to simply arrange MOTs and your car fails the inspection, our company can perform the repairs and present the vehicle for a free re-test with our agents.

How do I know if I need new brake pads?

If you drive a more modern vehicle, it will have an engine control unit that alerts you to worn brake pads via a warning display light on your dashboard. If you drive an older car without an ECU, listen out for screeches, squeals and rubbing noises when slowing or stopping. You may also need new brake pads if the steering wheel vibrates as you slow. Some of our Maidenhead customers notice a pungent burning smell from their brake pads. This is also indicative of wear and we recommend that you visit us for a prompt inspection.

Do you use reconditioned parts for clutch replacements?

The technicians at Newmans of Maidenhead only use genuine manufacturer or OEM parts for clutch replacement work. This is the same for all part and component replacements. We avoid reconditioned and patterned parts because they rarely offer the same levels of performance as a quality alternative sourced from our trusted network of local suppliers. Book in for brake and clutch replacements with confidence knowing we’ll always fit the best parts available to our sector, which come with the relevant manufacturer warranty.

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