Car Repairs in Maidenhead

Full and interim car servicing are forms of preventative maintenance which preserve engine parts, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of breakdowns. Car repairs are a reactive form of maintenance. Newmans of Maidenhead can repair any make or model and has technicians on its team with training in the prestigious Rolls Royce and Bentley marques. Use us for car repairs with confidence knowing we always work at competitive prices.

Today’s more advanced models have complex engine management systems which require workshops to have specialist equipment. Our garage, located on Courthouse Road in Maidenhead, invests heavily into the industry’s most advanced diagnostic technology.

In doing so, we can isolate faults in your vehicle sooner and recommend the car repairs you need without having to go through painstaking troubleshooting work. Owners of older vehicles without an engine management system can still use us for repair work because our team has 95 years of combined experience and a full range of traditional mechanical skills.

From a clutch replacement to a full engine rebuild, we have Maidenhead and Berkshire covered with the complete range of car repair services.

Brakes, Clutches, Tyres and Exhausts

Most car repairs require little more than the replacement of individual parts. We replace brake pads and clutches using genuine manufacturer or OEM components. Our company never uses reconditioned or low-end patterned parts, relying more on premium branded replacements which we source from our own supplier network in the Berkshire area.

Our workshop also carries a stock range of fast-moving tyres and exhausts, but we can have non-stock items delivered to site by our suppliers quickly – often inside the hour.

Diagnostics, ABS and Airbags

The investment we place into diagnostic equipment makes Newmans of Maidenhead a trusted choice for work on the engine subsystem, ABS braking systems and airbags. Drivers usually become aware of the need for diagnostic services when their dashboard displays a warning light. We retrieve stored fault codes via the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU).

These fault codes help us in identifying mechanical and electrical faults, and we use the results of diagnostic testing to recommend the most appropriate car repairs to our customers.

Auto Electrical

The complexity of auto electrical work requires a genuine specialist to perform repairs. It is often the case that isolating a fault takes much longer than resolving it, and this increases labour costs for the customer. It is essential that the technician working on your car has sufficient knowledge of auto electrical work and the tooling needed to identify faults.

Newmans of Maidenhead can isolate electrical problems by providing a full investigation, using the skills of its technicians to resolve issues with wiring loom and ECU failures.

Engine Rebuilds

Engine rebuilds are the most complex form of mechanical car repairs performed at our workshop because the individual parts and components need perfect balance to smooth and refine the driving characteristics. We can rebuild gearboxes for customers with major transmission issues or the main block to cater for head gasket and valve replacements.

The technicians at Newmans can refurbish engines for everyday road use, touring and even endurance events, making modifications where needed to suit the customer’s needs.

Please visit our website gallery to view our facilities and examples of our workmanship.

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