Car Servicing in Maidenhead to Manufacturer Schedules

Motorists in Maidenhead and the surrounding Berkshire area are under no obligation to use a main dealership for car servicing. Block exemption regulations make it possible for owners to choose who repairs or services their vehicles. Because independent garages adhere to the same manufacturer schedules as their main dealership counterparts, motorists receive a like-for-like service and have more freedom when it comes choosing a workshop.

Where we differ from dealerships is in our prices. We never undervalue our services by operating cheaply but, because we have lower overheads and don’t have to absorb the cost of warranty work, Newmans of Maidenhead can keep rates for car servicing at a more competitive level.

Full Car Servicing

A full (or scheduled) service is a once-yearly inspection and maintenance program or offered to drivers after every 12,000 miles of road use. This is the most detailed car servicing package available at our garage in Maidenhead. It consists of 60+ checks and includes the replacements of all filters and the spark plugs. A full service also sees the fluid levels checked and topped up, and a detailed inspection of the engine.

Our technicians also check the condition of the brakes, shoes and hoses, the wheel bearings, the shock absorbers, the clutch, the exhaust system and the handbrake.

Because we work to the same car servicing schedules as main dealerships, Newmans of Maidenhead can provide a stamp for your service book.

Interim Car Servicing

The interim service is a six-monthly inspection and maintenance program or offered to drivers after every 6,000 miles of road use. While this level of car servicing is less detailed than a full service, it still includes upwards of 30 individual checks to include an oil change and the replacement of the oil filter. Motorists who drive regularly over short distances are more likely to need an interim service to support the full annual service.

Newmans of Maidenhead has technicians with experience in the prestigious Rolls Royce and Bentley marques, but can also provide car servicing for all manufacturer makes and models.

A regular service, full or interim, helps in preserving the moving parts in your vehicle’s engine. Car servicing also optimises fuel economy and enhances the driving experience.

Motorists in the Maidenhead and Berkshire areas can book in for car servicing by calling us on 01628 622736 or 01628 624185. We offer a discretionary collection and delivery service within a small radius of our workshop and can provide courtesy cars on request.

Call 01628 622736 or 01628 624185 to book in for car servicing at our established garage in Maidenhead.

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