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The chief way you can keep your vehicle in good working order, protecting yourself and fellow Maidenhead motorists while protecting your investment, is to invest in regular car servicing at a reputable garage like Newmans of Maidenhead; full annual car servicing once a year, and interim servicing every 6 months if you get a good amount of use out of your vehicle. Another big tip, is dealing with issues as and when they rear their heads; delaying car repairs can mean they worsen and the cost of dealing with them drastically spikes.

But these aren’t the only ways you can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. There’s a lot to keep a look out for, especially when your next scheduled car servicing appointment is a long ways a way! So that’s the subject of this latest article on the Newmans of Maidenhead blog – car maintenance tips to help you avoid the need for emergency car repairs and similar issues.

Car Maintenance Tips

Keep an Eye on Coolant – A mixture of water and anti-freeze, this concoction is designed to prevent your engine/radiator from overheating. It shouldn’t need to be refilled as long as it’s sealed; but if the level drops then this may mean you have a leak. We’ll be able to identify this during routine car servicing and provide further diagnostics.

Beware Dipping Low on Brake Fluid – Overtime, brake fluid can boil away or become more compressible. This means a spongy brake pedal and other such complications. Check its level regularly to ensure there aren’t leaks in your system, and get your brake fluid replaced every 2-3 years. The brake fluid reservoir can typically be found under the bonnet, below your driver’s side windscreen. If it’s been a while since yours was checked, Newmans of Maidenhead can look the next time you visit us for car servicing or repairs.

Be Vigilant With Lights – Many drivers are unaware that they’re driving with faulty lights, as it isn’t always clear from your position in the interior of the vehicle. So from time to time, we’d recommend motorists check their condition by testing them. And not just the headlights and rear lights, but your brake and reversing indicators too. These will need to be in perfect working order to drive safely and legally, and to pass your MOT (another service offered at our Maidenhead garage).

Keep the Oil Level Topped Up – Your engine isn’t long for this world if you’re running it without oil. So rather than solely relying on your dashboard warning lights, use a dipstick from time to time to ensure the level is healthy. Unsure of how to do this? There are many tutorials online, or the Newmans of Maidenhead team can handle it on your behalf, as it is a standard part of car servicing (as is an oil and filter change).

Nearly time for your annual or interim car servicing appointment? Book it in at Newmans of Maidenhead and save money, while benefiting from a high standard of service!

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