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Is your vehicle making strange sounds, emitting odd odours or otherwise acting up? You should visit a garage ASAP to get professional diagnostics, to get to the bottom of the problem and prevent it from getting worse. But where do you get these diagnostics, and any subsequent car repairs done? You can choose from independent garages, main dealers and nation fast fit centres – but how do you know which is the best option? In this latest instalment of the Newmans of Maidenhead blog, we’ve made a case for choosing an independent garage like our own!

Why Choose an Independent Garage for Car Repairs?

  1. Personal Touch – With large garages and dealerships, you can often feel you’re getting rushed in and out of a garage, and that car repairs are being hurried to get more customers in and increase the company’s top line. With an independent like Newmans of Maidenhead, you get a personal and friendly service to ensure that securing car repairs is as stress-free and simple as possible, and you walk away happy with the standard of service you received.
  2. Quality of Repair – Many chain garages have a fairly high rate of turnover and their mechanics aren’t always of the highest calibre; this can mean a lower standard of car repairs. With independent garages like Newmans of Maidenhead, you get unparalleled work from trained professionals, with many years of experience under their belt.
  3. Price – You can save a good sum on car repairs when you go independent with Newmans of Maidenhead. We march to the beat of our own drum and can be extremely competitive, matching or beating quotes on car repairs from larger competitors that have to have set pricing for all their locations, not taking into account the locale.
  4. Support a Local Business – As long as there are cars on the road, there will be a need for garages that offer car repairs; so we’re in far less danger than many independent businesses in other sectors, that are being forced out by large online competitors. But it’s still important to support independent garages – many have been longstanding within the community, and that’s certainly true of us and Maidenhead (it’s in the name)…. We live and work here and are in all ways a Maidenhead business. We help invest in the local economy, not to mention independent businesses provide charm and variance which would be a shame to be lost to generic garages.

Experiencing automotive trouble? Call the expert mechanics at Newmans of Maidenhead. Our affordably delivered car repairs will get you back safely on the road.

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