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While all motorists require essential automotive services like car servicing and MOTs, not every motorist finds themself in the need of car bodywork repair. Some lucky Maidenhead residents with meticulous driving habits and the good fortune of not bumping into a distracted or careless fellow motorist, have long been blessed with a car body almost entirely free of damage; perhaps just minor scratches from small stones around the wheels.

So for the benefit of both those in need of professional repair of car bodywork repair – which we offer at our Maidenhead based garage – and those who are simply curious, this blog has looked to run over some of the different types of damage we deal with and what qualifies as “essential” work. To learn more about the specific techniques we employ to remedy the below, click here to head to our dedicated Car Bodywork page. Want to book in for car bodywork repairs? Call 01628 622 736 or 01628 624 185.

A Guide to Car Bodywork

Scratches & Scuffs – This informal category refers to minor damage that while annoying, is more or less just cosmetic. They can usually be buffed out with polish, sometimes even on a DIY level. Deeper scratches should be dealt with by professional car bodywork teams, like ours in Maidenhead, who can match the paint and fill in the scratch.

Dents – Very minor dents can sometimes be worked out on a DIY level. But serious dents, which can be both unsightly and sacrifice the structural integrity of your vehicle, should again be taken for repair at a car bodywork pro.

Serious Structural Damage – Been involved in a crash, or a similar accident? As the damage is often very multi-faceted, it will require professional intervention. There might be scratches, dents, cuts and more, calling for a combination of techniques including filling, buffing and re-painting, or even the replacement of a whole panel. This is all in the assumption that the vehicle is not a write-off.

An important point to consider is if car bodywork repair is essential. So what does this word really mean? Essential work includes damage that: breaks or removes the number plate, smashes your front windscreen or front drivers/passenger windows, removes wing mirrors, causes a sharp and dangerous edge to emerge, breaks light fixtures, stops lights working, causes something to dangle or drag on the floor as you drive, or prevents the car bonnet from securing/closing. Visit Newmans of Maidenhead at your earliest convenience if you’re suffering from any of these issues, as you could be penalised otherwise.

If the damage is must less substantial, it really boils down to whether you can live with the aesthetic affect of car bodywork damage. Another consideration is that damage to paintwork can let in moisture and eventually cause rusting. So leaving seemingly “aesthetic” damage for a long while can lead to more significant structural damage that costs a ton to fix, or leads to a total right-off.

For expert advice on your car bodywork, contact Newmans of Maidenhead at your earliest convenience on 01628 622 736 or 01628 624 185.

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